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Any Gig improvement suggestions?

Can anyone suggest any changes to further improve the quality and relevancy of my Gig? What are your views about them? is there anything I can modify, change or improve? Please advise.


Following are the links:


The “I Will Be Your Ecommerce Fashion Blog Writer” gig
The main gig image says “Enganing”. The 2nd gig image has the end of the word “ASSISTANT” missing.

For your product description gig:
In the image it says “I will create SEO optimize product description”. Maybe change “optimize” to “optimized”.


Thanks, corrected.

anything in the description that needs to be improve or corrected. I really appreciate your time.

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Articles gig:

“Completely Customize Banner will be provided”. “Customize” could be “Customized”.

Though you’ve included a money-back guarantee, if you gave a lot of refunds (cancellations) that might affect search results and just >10% cancellations could stop you advancing a level or cause your level to drop. It might be worth removing that guarantee at some point.

The TOS says:

Sellers must fulfill their orders, and may not cancel orders on a regular basis or without cause. Cancelling orders will affect Sellers’ reputation and status.

Also you’ve included unlimited revisions. This can lead to users asking for many revisions.

“Will you also provide banner?” maybe change to “Will you also provide a banner?”.

Also about the part of the FAQ where it says “I will give a review article for your products”. I’d be careful about that. How are you going to review their products without receiving them? Also paid-reviews might be a problem on Fiverr. I think Fiverr could disallow them (eg. Amazon sued Fiverr sellers for creating allegedly fake reviews).

The “I Will Write Appealing Product Description For Amazon And Web” gig

Maybe “and guarantees sell.” could be changed to “and guarantees sales”. Though maybe reword the whole “so beautifully that ensure extreme convergence and guarantees sell.” bit. Also it might be better not to offer guarantees of sales based on use of your article.

Where it says “I will need is a clear picture of your product” you could say “I will need a clear picture of your product”.

Also it might not be a good idea to offer unlimited revisions (you might not want people revising eg. 20 times).

The part where it says “Usually, I offer 150 words at $5. Which is the lowest in this market.”. I think that should be 1 sentence but really it might not be the lowest. eg. there’s a gig offering 500 word product descriptions for $5. You could say it was one of the lowest or that it was low or just that it was good value or something instead of making claims of it being the lowest.

It says “Can you writer FAQ’s…” instead of “Can you write FAQs…”.

The image where it says “increase sale up to 200%” - the “sale” could be changed to “sales”. Though I’m not sure you should be making claims about sales increasing or by how much (and how accurate is the 200% figure?).


make a nice gig image,gig trendy search tag,give a attractive title.

Great tips for avoiding exploitation and making a good impression.


Thank you so much. I am grateful for your detail analysis and advises for correction. I followed accordingly and will keep them in mind. Thanks again.

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