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Any gig marketing tips?

I have just completed uploading my 7 gigs. Someone told me I need to use an extension on called “Auto Refresh” to be active on Fiverr all the time. I don’t know if it’s legal. Anyway, how should I start marketing my Gigs? Any tips for a beginner?

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It is not. Don’t use it. Fiverr doesn’t like it, and may restrict your account.

I bet, if you read through the forum, you’d find plenty of people – myself included – who have already answered these questions many times over.


That won’t help you and that isn’t marketing. Please enter “marketing” in the Fiverr Forum search engine and you’ll see a lot of discussion and advice.

You also need to understand marketing and sales in general. You need to do this research yourself off the forum as well. It’s all out there.


you do social media twitter account gig marketing now than will you looking good result.

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That person is talking nonsense. You’ll get in trouble if you do that, plus it won’t bring you any sales.

Nonsense like that typically comes from people looking for tricks and shortcuts that would make them rich in a day or two, instead of doing proper work.


got my answer, thanks all.