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Any gigs upgrade?

Hey there!

As I’ve seen many times on this forum thread, people post their gigs and ask for any improvements. I decided to do so aswell. So my question sounds: What do you think my gigs need to improve? Since I am “new” to Fiverr (I am not actually new, I signed up on 2017, but I was innactive), I tried to attract people by offering more work than people who actually have some reviews. What else do you think shall I do?

Here are the links of my gigs: (Hearthstone is a game btw!)

Thank y’all for your advices and have a nice day ! :love_letter:

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I’m confused: if you’ve seen a lot of these posts, then haven’t you seen the advice?

In the past week or so alone I’ve responded to at least three background removal gig posts and my advice is always the same:

This service is superfluous because 1. You can get this done for free in a matter of seconds with any number of free tools. 2. Despite this, there are literally thousands. Thousands. Of people selling this. So why would somebody buy it?

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  • I’ve seen many post with different gigs, you can’t compare photoshop work with helping to get follows for example.
  • What you written isn’t advice at all.
  • Maybe you don’t know, but those free tools can’t do this work as a human can. Maybe paid tools can. Some people look for perfect high quality work. Show me a free tool which will delete background behind a hair and then, then I will say you are right.

I mean the “review my gig” forum posts. Most of them lately have been about background removal gigs.

My advice is to not create gigs that have a competition of thousands of other gigs. There are literally thousands of background removal gigs. If yours is different, it’s vital that you prove that you are and what that value is. You haven’t done that in this gig. It looks just like the thousands of others and your value depends on people knowing the difference between a free tool and what you do and, more importantly, it depends on them requiring something a free tool can’t do. And there’s no evidence that is what the market here wants and needs. And even if you do do that, your capacity for discovery is still super low because of the massive competition.

I’m not sure why you’re seeking feedback here if you’re going to reject it. What I’m explaining to you is vital if you want to make sales on Fiverr. It’s SUPER competitive here.

Thanks for your answer, I am not rejecting it, I just didn’t get answer for the question I asked:

You need to distinguish yourself from the competition, as I explained.