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Any good, REAL music promotion out there?

Is there any good and REAL music promotion gigs on here? Every gig I’ve came acrossed so far was completely fake and a scam. I wasted 25 bucks on nothing but fake plays and fake likes and it’s really getting frustrating because I just want my music promoted the RIGHT way. Tell me about your experiences and give me any suggestions with music promo gigs and help me out because I’m in need of it thanks.

So your music is worth only $5 to you?

Promote your music on soundcloud. Get the free version for a while and as you get popular go up to the unlimited version.

Do you have twitter/facebook/instagram?

What about your own website and not

I will criticize every aspect of your song and question your parental heritage for just $1.

It’s a bargain. Buy it.

Flaggers: u can’t handle my awesomeness.


Oh no!!! :broken_heart:

If you are looking for real promotion, you need to stop searching for likes, views etc and focus on a marketing/promotional company who does real promotion. They are unlikely to offer such tangible barometers of success and will require you to sign up for a longer period than a gig would.
I did this for a while but I don’t any more - the reason being that all artists I dealt with would not pay what was required and had unrealistic expectations of results. I lost count of the number of people who offered me 10-50% of their first million dollars earned if I promoted them for free!


I used to have a client who charged people like OP $250 for publicity. As far as I could tell, this got you an awful wix website, a $5 press release (that would be me–sadly, this client flitted to someone else as soon as I put my prices up) and play on their awful radio, which was a mix of “people who we mugged for $250”.

My advice? Do what Eoin said. There are plenty of people out there who will be more than happy to shake you down. The only other observation I have is that most of these musicians were crap and desperate, and their business model was clearly set around milking this lucrative when will I be famous set.

I would suggest you take a look at the works of a singer named “Bohemia.” They guy just gets a few hundred thousand views on his songs but is widely appreciated (even by the people who do not understand his language). This is because he sings the truth. An artists’ success is when people understand his message and follow it.

real music promo only exists when you have such good music that people are inclined to share it
the rest is pretty much bs (particualry for $25 on fiverr) unless you have hundreds of thousands of dollars and a team behind you doing radio promo, concerts, tv/movie placements, etc.
starting out though, the music has to be amazing, and people have to share it with others.

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I wonder if there is a gig for selling someone else’s soul to the devil for $5?

Let me put my conspiracy theorist tinfoil hat on: preeminent thinkers in this domain reckon that famous artists (of any variety, but music and screen in particular) have, at some early point in their career done just that. Whether it’s as simple as entertaining an old man who needs to be serviced in order to get that contract or literally making a pact with Lucifer himself, the general theme here is “I’ll do anything to attain my dream”.

So, voila, you’ve done the rather unpleasant thing with the gentleman or had a charming encounter with old Nick. Now you have actual blonde busty women throwing themselves at you by the cartload (as opposed to fake male ones who will do anything badly for $5) and gaudy riches as far as the eye can see. Of course, you have sold your soul, so you can’t really enjoy it–particularly knowing that whichever route you took, you’re no longer free.

a) dirty old man: did you really think they wouldn’t have incriminating pictures? There’s some out there of Marlon Brando–and it’s not a cigar he’s smoking. So, you better do whatever they say while trilling about your perfect life. Join the cult of Scientology–if you do anything weird, you can later blame it on being brainwashed.

b) Satan: yeah… not the smartest move there. Sure, everyone sings your song and you’re a millionaire, but Satan tends to want someone very close to you to die. It shows that you’re serious, you see. That, and the whole eternal hellfire thing seems like a bit of a bummer.

All in all, perhaps $250 on someone just ripping you off isn’t such a bad deal after all. Or even $5?

removes tinfoil hat

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I’d rent my soul to @emmaki for $5 per week.

For all others, order the gig extra below

But I wouldn’t know what to do with your soul! I’m a soul virgin, you see.

soul virgin as in you don’t have your own soul or you have not collected any souls yet?

Oh, I forgot the third category

c) abase yourself on TV in front of a panel of arseholes who are going to rip you off anyway after a choreographed series of rumors, events and sundry delights while rigging the phone vote to mug the public off at the same time.

Soul virgin as in I am not a collector of souls. Well, not yet. Is it a rewarding hobby, do you think?

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