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Any greek fiverr sellers?

My apologies if this thread doesn’t offer any valuable information or contribute in any way to the forum but I just thought it would be cool for us greek fiverr sellers to know each other better. I haven’t seen any greek sellers on the forum so chances are there aren’t many but anyway… My name is Paschalis, I’m from a small city named Drama in Northern Greece and I’m on fiverr for about 7 years.

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Hey Paschalis!

Not Greek, but I live in Athens Greece!

Never been to Drama.

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Hey Frank, I follow you very carefully every time you post and comment! The info and knowledge you share every time is definately worth reading! I think it’s just you and me on the forum! Let’s hope other greek fellows will prove me wrong now!


Thank you for your kind words.

I am glad I can help.

There was one more seller from Greece, a photographer in Athens.

But it’s been a while since I seen her post anything on here.