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Any help in improving my profile?

Hi everyone!

i’ve been in FIVERR for 2 months and haven’t been able to get 1 sale yet.

Can someone help me out with my profile and gigs?

you might see something i need to improve. thanks a lot for the help!

Your challenge is that you are offering the same exact services that hundreds of other sellers are offering, and you’re expecting to be successful doing it. The successful sellers are those who find new and unique ways to stand out from the crowd. As much as I hate to say this, your gigs are neither unique, nor do they stand out from the crowd. People aren’t noticing your design services because you aren’t giving them a reason to do so.

I recommend that you take a look at each of your gigs, and figure out how you can make them different than the same gigs all those other sellers are offering. We can’t really help you with that part, because only YOU know what your business goals are, and how you want to achieve them.

How do you think YOU can stand out among the crowd?

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hi! thanks for the input!

unfortunately, the services i offer are the only skills i have that i can offer online. i can create a bespoke lamp for you but that’s a physical product that i should sell on a different platform haha!

i admit that graphic designers are ABUNDANT in FIVERR. But how do i make a Brochure / flyer / invite gig unique in a sea of the same products? it is what it is (does that make sense?).

That’s the challenge you’re going to have to figure out.

Take some time to research the other gigs in your gig categories, observe what they do, and figure out how YOU can offer something better. Figure out how YOU can offer a better product or service than they do.

There are few criteria to get the badge
You need to meet those

I don’t believe that you hated to say this.

No. I believe your saying this is equivalent to Scrooge McDuck lathering an ocean of gold coins in butter, shredding down to the skinny’s, performing a cannonball into the greased coins and all the while wearing ray-bans.

I prefer you this way Jon, so don’t shatter my perception.

So… you’re comparing me to Scrooge McDuck? :wink:

Where I’m from- That’s a compliment of the highest order.

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Well, then, I thank you for such a high compliment!

hi again!

thank you for the feedback! i agree that i should be doing something unique to differentiate myself from the other artists out there. it’s something for me to think about.

on a different “aspect” of my profile, are the wordings / content of my gigs enticing or sensible enough for potential buyers to understand? i want to get feedback from you guys.

lastly, somewhat out of topic but, i just got my first sale last night! talk about timing haha! i’ve delivered the product and am now waiting for the buyer to “complete” the order. thanks for the help!

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