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Any Idea can get my first order?

How I can get my first order?


Share your gig more and more in social site. Do good seo.

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If you read the forum for more than 20 minutes - and use the search function, you will see there are literally 100’s of topics covering your question.



I see people ask this question on a daily basis. Not to sound too rude, but try to use search before asking. It’s there for a reason too! General formula (to keep it TLDR):

  1. Make your Gig stand out. You are not the only one in your niche.
  2. More visits your gig has, more “exposure” you will receive. Means, higher chances of those who are interested in your services, to order a product from you.
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doing this all time at social sites

Share more on social media


Should be well seo, social searching and daily 10 buyer request