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Any idea if orders canceled via PayPal disputes are counted towards your Order Cancellations?

Just entered Fiverr to see that they compensated me for an order that was just canceled and which was completed 2 months ago with 5 stars.

It seems the order was canceled due to a chargeback, Fiverr’s message says " We Protect You From Fraud Chargebacks" which is nice for them to do considering the situation. My question is, does anyone know if this sort of thing will be taken into account when it comes to cancellation numbers?

I am curious if someone encountered the same issue.

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All cancellations count towards completion stats, even the ones that are compensated. You could try to talk CS into changing it. Good luck with that.

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Just got another chargeback a few hours after posting this, this one was for a person that just placed the order a few days ago. I don’t get some people…

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Put your starting prices up - you’ll be surprised how fast these cheapskates disappear when you do that …

According to this there’s no chargeback penalty. But for the other dude I mentioned earlier, I am definitely dealing with a penalty. He placed the order, agreed to the custom offer, obviously the work was not delivered, it was a larger order and he just ordered a day and a half ago. So I guess I am penalized for that. It’s nice to see that at least chargebacks are not leading to cancellation penalties.

Fiverr can say that all they like … however, when you examine your cancellations and completion statistics you may find their assertions spotty at best …

Well, I don’t know what to say man. It shows as a new cancellation in the mobile app, but my cancellation rate didn’t end up lower until the second chargeback I mentioned. So maybe it doesn’t affect at all, who knows. Thanks for replying though.

Also, I don’t really end up dealing with chargebacks at all, despite the price. They do happen once in a while, but I never had 2 in the same day, that’s new for me. Especially since one of them was for an order from 2 months ago.