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Any idea of this new feature?


I was surfing on fiverr and I’ve noticed this new REQUEST A CUSTOM ORDER button. Do you have any idea how did he do that? Or only some categories or subcategories have this feature? Any ideas?



Nothing? Any guessings at least?


If you go into ‘my gigs’, there’s a button there for ‘accepting custom orders’.

Is it related to that perhaps?


I don’t think so because I already have that option checked and still nothing…


that’s not new. I think it’s been around since custom offers rolled out officially.


Indeed it is not new.

The option is there for other buyers to be able to request a specific offer from you.
By submitted their details, request due date and budget, they can ask for a quote rather than message, or purchase a gig.

Hope that helps :wink:


Yes, I completely understand this, but for example, my gig/account doesn’t have this feature at all. I mean, I’ve tried to check my gig as a customer from another pc (no cache or cookies) and the feature is not there.


Have you tried viewing your gig as a buyer? I think you will see it if you view it from that angle


Please read my comment above…


Go to your profile and the “request a custom offer” option is there beneath your gigs.


Just going to check it Hope I didn’t see it before…!


I know I have it under my gigs on the profile page, but I was wondering how does this particular user have it placed there and not on his profile page, that was my $1.000.000 question.