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Any idea when Fiverr will stop penalizing sellers for double orders?


I’ve just had my second ever double order – where a buyer places two orders by accident and wants me to cancel the extra one. I was able to resolve it without a cancellation the first time, but not now. The buyer didn’t even submit requirements on the extra order. I reached out to customer service to see if they’d cancel the order without it affecting my stats. Flat out refusal, so now my perfect completion rate and listing positions get to go down the drain for something that wasn’t even remotely my fault.

I feel like blatantly punishing sellers for buyer mistakes is a terrible business decision, considering their revenue comes directly from our labor and sales. Any idea if this heinous policy will ever end?


If they didn’t submit the requirements then it shouldn’t affect your cancellation rate. I just kinda let them sit there.

I know what you mean though, I hate that too.


Interesting. They said that it would when I submitted a CS ticket about it. Or at least heavily implied. And said it might be changed in “the near future.” Wonder if that means they’re working on something.

I thought you couldn’t let it sit there because the buyer already submitted payment and cancellation is the only way for them to get Fiverr to refund them the escrow money?


can you ellaborate on this?
if a client orders by mistake, it doesnt affect your stats?