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Any ideas on what to do?

Ok thanks :slight_smile:

Hi, I asked CS and they are fine with it. Thank You for all your help :slight_smile:

They told you it’s fine to sell reviews?


Is tia11404 still around? It says page not available.

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I never get how it just doesn’t register with some people how fake reviews, social media followers etc might be a really bad business idea.

This won’t work.

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Her account got restricted:

She’s got a new one (she said she would ask CS for permission; I don’t know whether she did it or not).


How do you know her account got restricted? I am curious how one Fiverr user can know this?

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Because she told us!


@offlinehelpers answered it (and I posted the link to that topic, too). If it wasn’t for her telling us, I would have no way of knowing it.


I guess all these names go around in my head and I did not remember she was the one that said that.


:slightly_smiling_face: Don’t worry about it!


So if an account gets restricted you can immediately set up a new one and proceed like nothing happened? I didn’t know this.

Yes I asked CS for their permission. I have had this account open for a while now so they would have closed it if I wasn’t allowed anyways.

I’m here now :slight_smile:

You are saying:

  1. you have permission from them for two accounts at the same time, and
  2. they told you it was ok to open another account after they banned you.

Was it a new customer service representative?

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They also told her it was ok to sell reviews.

Well, I think the permanent and all in this bit of the ToS aren’t just for multiple concurrent accounts but include future accounts. I don’t think it’s what Fiverr intends by permanently suspending an account after a ToS violation, that people just go and make a new one. People who do it still, either know they shouldn’t or must be really really naïve or else. But, yeah, there are people who do it, so, most apparently, you can. Technically.

Maybe if it wasn’t a permanent suspension, they might let it go?
If a seller got suspended because of, say, constant late deliveries, they might think if they want to try with a new account and make it better this time, well, let them, we’ll watch and react accordingly, while if they suspended a seller permanently because they caught them at a major ToS violation, surely they’d suspend their next account too if they got to know about it.

Just my thoughts. Well, apart from this ToS quote:

Note: any violations to Fiverr’s Terms of Service is cause for permanent suspension of all accounts.

Restricted, suspended, permanently suspended… different things, I guess, the one may lead but doesn’t have to lead to the next.

I’ve never heard of a temporary suspension of an account unless they made a mistake and then corrected it.

No after my first one got restricted I was allowed to open a new account. I do not have 2 active accounts.

They checked out my gig and said it wasn’t a concern to them.