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Any ideas to improve my sales?

Hi everyone,

Any ideas to improve my sales fast. Currently my gig is Backlinks services.

Anyone please suggest your ideas.

Thank You :pray:

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Hello there,

I am Dilan Delewi and I am also a New Fiverr seller. I’m still improving but I do have some tips that helped me get customers pretty quickly.

  1. Search tags.Search tags are used in the search engine. For example if a customer searches ‘good Backlinks’ And that matches your tags. Your gig is most likely to be on the First page.

  2. An eye catching and attractive gig thumbnail. If you have a good gig thumbnail, It will result in more clicks and you have more chance of customers actually reading your gig description and sometimes be interested and contact you.

  3. SEO title.

  4. Share gig on Social media. This is important. To get more people and customers. Share your gig on social media and explain what you provide in your gig. With a catchy thumbnail, A great short description and hashtags. Your gig impressions and views will increase.

  5. Good and professional gig Title. For example, ‘I will make backlinks for you’, isn’t that professional. But ‘I will design and create backlinks for your business’ Looks more professional and increases the chances of buyers clicking on your gig.

  6. Buyer requests. If you select ‘More’ on the fiverr website and select Buyer requests, you can send an offer to Customers who need for example a Video editor or a logo designer. The more you send an offer to customers, the more buyer requests you get and the more chance customers are going to reach out to you. The description is very important. Describe what you offer and why you think the buyer should choose you.

  7. Of course, Patience. Buyers and customers don’t spawn
    immediately. Be online everyday and check your gig status, and keep sharing on social media BUT don’t overshare or spam.


Really useful information. I learned something. Thanks for you valuable answer

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No problem!

Have a nice day!