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Any ideas to make 1 sale on Fiverr!

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In your profile, it says you’ve just joined in June. :thinking:
Nevermind, you’ve created many Gigs at once, maybe it would have been wiser to give time to one or two to be displayed on “new arrivals” or even “featured” until they inexorably start to go down, pushed by the newest ones. And then create one or two more, in order to get profit from the small exposure Fiverr gives to new sellers at the beginning: the idea is to be there as long as possible, with different Gigs, so you’ll have more possibilities to be found.
Your Gigs look good though, you like green, uh? :+1::wink:


Make some changes and see how they perform. Never stand still. people might see your gig once and pass over it again. Make it look different for the next time they see it.


Until you get some reviews, I’d offer all your gigs with a starter $5 package. Once your get to level 1 and beyond, then raising your prices will not be a problem.

Make more of your descriptions - yours are very short - you can explain here why buyers should choose you, the advantages of using your service etc.

Relevant videos do increase sales, so you could give that a shot as well.

Good luck! :slight_smile:


I’d also change the profile info that says “I am Britsih Native speaker, …”. But it also may be that you just need to wait a bit longer since the gigs have only been created this month it seems (though you can try amending them like has been suggested by other members).

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The OP has been here since June 2016 - his gigs may well be more than a few weeks old! :slight_smile:


Yes, my mistake on that bit. But surely they wouldn’t all say “new arrival” if all the gigs were more than a few weeks old?


No problem! No, they stay saying ‘new arrival’ until they’ve got a review, regardless of how new (or old!) they are. :slight_smile:


Well… First I have been on Fiverr since 2016 but re-did the gigs recently to see if it would help. It has not. Second I am a BRIT but living in Russia. Fiverr takes your location and thinks you are from that location. For example, if you are Spanish but live in the UK then you are British. Yes, it’s crazy.

I put British Native speaker for the language accuracy as a selling point. I have had ZERO offers and ZERO messages although I have spent a few hundred USD on gigs!! I almost think anyone selling on Fiverr is employed by Fiveer? I just don’t know.

Very very strange.

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I put British Native speaker for the language accuracy as a selling point

But it (the text just under your name in the Fiverr profile) is spelt incorrectly as “Britsih” instead of “British”.


Not the case at all, and good sellers may take exception to that assertion.

Have you read the tips further up the thread, or on the rest of the forum - search for Eoin’s series called UPYOUR.

Good luck! :slight_smile:


I made the point as it seems impossible to get seen on Fiverr this is why I think sellers could be on the Fiverr payroll or maybe you have to pay Fiverr to get seen? I just don’t know. Perhaps I am unlucky or they are lucky???

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Have you read and followed all the advice you’ve been given, and have you read the forum for all the other helpful information?

Have you visited the academy - great tips on how to get your first sale:

Success stories:

Luck doesn’t come into it on Fiverr - have you looked at buyer requests to see if anyone is looking for any of the services you offer? Have you set up social media profiles to advertise your gigs to potential buyers?

There really is so much you can do to help yourself! All the best! :slight_smile:

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A lot of the people get seen on Fiverr every day, and no, they don’t pay for it, nor are they Fiverr employees.

It’s not nice to call all Fiverr sellers cheaters just because you haven’t made it yet.


Just remembered - your gigs haven’t been live for 7 months - they were paused without you realising:

Your display images or videos are not attractive, as you are using too much green color, you can use more professional and attractive images to attract buyers…:slight_smile:

Thanks, I will read through it, but the biggest problem is being seen and getting found on Fiverr. It is probably so comapative now. This is the wall that many now face.

The green is Fiverr green, so it made sense and I like the colour.

Please explain what you mean “Your display images or videos are not attractive”. My photo is my photo and its all I have for now

See other gigs of fiverr, basically if you want to rank your gigs then you have to analyze top sellers of fiverr, check what type of images, description and tags they are using and then make changes accordingly :slight_smile:


I see. You mean copy their style?