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Any Ideas?


I love to cook and I want to incorporate it on Fiverr. But here is the thing, I do not want to teach cooking lessons because they do not sell. Any ideas, please… [-O<


If you’re a good looking woman you can offer cooking lessons while wearing sexy outfits. Keep checking the oven! That would probably do great! (I’m just kidding about that as a gig suggestion, although, sadly, it probably would do well)

Seriously though there are some food related gigs that I’ve seen do well here. Messages or logos out of food. Is there something special you like to cook that you could bend to that purpose?

Or maybe focus on the presentation aspect of dishes? Presentation of dishes can make a meal. Maybe offer colorful side dishes or other presentation ideas for common meals… like Thanksgiving?


How about video recipe cards? You can make silent videos (if you’re not into talking) showing all the ingredients, how to prepare and the finished product. I would suggest HD quality with lots of close ups. For an extra you can provide written instructions.


Reply to @ellenwright: Good idea… I might do that.


Reply to @lilredwriter: Let me know if you do I would love to check it out!