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Any ideas?


Hi guys! I know there are many similar posts to this one, but here’s the question: How can I tell the buyer to leave a review?

I have a user who is a designer and very often buys my gigs to resell them. The problem is, he tells me that what I deliver is great, and he’s very happy with the result, etc. And then I deliver the order, saying something like thank you, you can rate this service by leaving a review below. And then I explain why he should do that by using oldbittygrandma’s text (very helpful, thanks oldbittygrandma!), that this is important for my rating etc. However, he never left me a review, not once, but keeps buying my gigs and telling me they’re all great. Now, if a large number of my sales are not rated, isn’t that affecting me as a seller? I’m trying hard to satisfy every buyer and become a top rated seller, and I think this holds me back.

Any help? What else should I write to him?



He is probably afraid if he leaves feedback the design will be in your samples and he is afraid his client will stumble across it on your gig page. However, I don’t think it affects your rating much. I make videos and have a large number of repeat clients that resell my work. Some don’t leave feedback for that very reason.


Don’t put the stuff you’re selling him on your portfolio so other people can’t tell that you made it?


Thank you guys, I’ll try explaining that the designs can be removed from the public portfolio, maybe this will work…