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Any importance for a username?


Is there any importance for a username?I am a newbie and i need to learn more


Username? naaaaa…
Profile picture? … hmmm :unamused:


I think having an apperotate username would be very useful especially when promoting your seller portal.

Additionally, since the username is displayed on your account it would only make sense to have something that resonates well with the services you offer.


yea I wouldn’t use stock photos. doesn’t make buyers real trusting of you when you do that.


now,how can i cahnge my profile pic?is it possible


Yes! From fiverr home page - click on your profile pic that is on right upper corner and you will see pop up displaying you username !
Click on user name that will take you to to your profile !
Now you will find your big profile pic on left side - Just click and choose you new pic!


I think Username must be easy to remember and simple one!
And yes should be meaningful or your own name!


My username sounds like something a 5th grader would come up with but I still make money so hollaaa


See, Google found you as Angel. I don’t think username will be a problem if you really are the Angel.


i need to change my username and profile pic.Can I?


Profile pic, yes you can but user name unfortunately you can’t, but I really don’t think your user name will make a difference unless it is offensive, what matters is what you are offering, how good are you at it and whether there is a market for it or not.
Good luck


I think that your username is a big decision. It can do a lot to tell potential customers about your and your services. Some people choose a name that is related to their work and some do not. Some people want to remain anonymous and others want their name out there. The decision on your username and your photo are completely dictated by your business model. I think “sweetlilangel” is good given your gigs and description. Plus, you can pronounce it, which I like because it makes it easy for customers to find you again for repeat purchases or if they glanced across your name in a search.