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Any Indian , who has withdrawal the funds from fiverr?

Hi, I am using Paypal for the withdrawal of my funds. but every time I initiate a withdraw, It gets failed after some time and my amount gets restored in Fiverr account.

I am using a personal Paypal account that has a bank account linked to it. all other settings are default. but after reading the FAQ section of fiber, they suggested adding the permission to send money from Fiverr to Paypal, but I am not able to find any option. and since its lockdown time, customer support is also that active on PayPal.

My other question is, should I withdraw the funds directly into by bank-transfer method, How much amount do they deduct when we receive money in our bank account?

If it is possible for you to show me calculations of which method is better then it will great. I will give you heart :slight_smile:

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Create a Payoneer Account and use that to withdraw the balance.


Direct bank transfer is Payoneer !
Use Payoneer they take $3 for each transaction you make !

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I use Paypal and I never face any problem.

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Hello, Thanks for sharing your problem, I would like to tell you that your PayPal is not accepting payment in this case due to not completed KYC or may a limitation on your account. You can check and massage the customer support and also click on “help” on your papal dashboard, it will show your problem. Thank You

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thanks a lot, My KYC was not complete earlier. Now after completing the kyc, I received the payment in seconds.

This makes me laugh so hard. I’m literally shaking with laughter.

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Will you please tell me how to complete kyc in paypal?

You should enable your paypal for international payments. For that you would need to fill some details like your address, pan card no. etc.
You can find the procedure of enabling international payments on google.