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Any(!) kind of graphics job - What do YOU want? :)



I just started out here on fiverr. As you could see in my profile introduction I am a very experienced self-taught designer. And I love it, so I decided to try and make money out of it.

I have posted my first gig, I am offering GFX for anything, including but not limited to web design, forum design, image editing, etc.

The link to the gig page:

Please, if you would like to help me out, visit my gig page! :slight_smile:

I really am a newcomer so I don’t know how to start…



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Note: It’s in my gig, but I’ll repeat: If I can’t complete an offer within 48 hours, you don’t have to pay!


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I will make almost any architectural/object 3D model with precise dimentions according to a plan you provide.

I can texture models, render, and make a 3D mapping for any 2D image to turn it into 3D.

Why would you choose my gig? That’s what you always ask yourself.

3D modelling is an expensive industry, esspecially in architecture, a 3D model for a textured building is no less than 50$! A simple empty warehouse model can cost 200$!

Please see this pricing affiche:

I make high quality and accurate 3D models for any structure/building/city/object you need!

I have done multiple jobs on other websites too, so I have a good experience with what clients want.

I will always keep showing you updated about the work to get the optimal result.

I hope that you consider my offer!

Thank you for time!

Best wishes

My gig:


Reply to @keyboard0: That’s something real great! :slight_smile: But if you want more attention, you can create your own! Hit me up if you need help with anything!


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