Any large projects over at Buyer Requests?


I was wondering if anyone got or is getting continuously large projects through the ‘Buyer Request’ section ?

Is it worth it to spend time on compiling custom offers for projects over there?
Will they convert to sales?



I decided it wasn’t worth it for the larger projects as I couldn’t/wouldn’t compete on price with sellers more desperate than me. I did get one or two orders but overall it wasn’t worth the effort.


I have received quite a few decent sized and a couple of large projects from buyer requests. Generally I find it is better to focus on making yourself sound interesting and professional while also addressing the request. The key is to get them to contact you rather than place an order initially. With any worthwhile project there is seldom enough information to make an accurate offer. By getting them to contact you you can get all the information and assess whether it is worthwhile making a proper proposal. This means you can have a fairly standard reply and just edit a couple of lines to address each request (remember to include a note that the offer is not a concrete offer but that you had to include a price and delivery time to contact them).
Remember, at least 80% of responses to buyer requests are pure rubbish in my experience. By being interested enough to request more information, show you are competent and also not desperate, you stand out from the stream of incompetence that they will be sifting through.
After that, it is down to your proposal to seal the sale.


Very helpful !
Thanks :slight_smile:


Is it worth getting your hopes high everyday? : NO

Is it worth the effort to respond? : YES

It doesn’t take more than 10 minutes of work to send offers. Just keep your standard pitch ready in an app like ColorNote or NotePad, and swap out a few words to customize it for the offer. Send it and forget it.

If you compare the time you spent responding to buyer requests over, say, a week or a month, and average out the earnings, you will find that it is worth it. It’s just that they might not convert daily, but over a longer period, you will find that custom offers do add up.

I respond to not more than 25 buyer requests a week. 40% of my orders are from BR section. A lot of these requests are from people who have just received the delivery for a large/complex project from someone on another freelancing site, and need to add/modify a small module, probably running late, and it’s too much effort to start another freelance bidding competition for a small module, so they come over and post their request to Fiverr BR section.