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Any Moderator here!

Before replying back to me please read my message carefully. :pray:

  1. Basically one single ticket issue solving purpose You guys took more than 12 -15 days. Last 4months you guys did that same thing. Look at other marketplaces they took the only a couple of hours. You should need to increase your team members or, trying to do that as soon as possible here.

  2. Now come to the main point: Its first time happened here.
    Your customer team member didn’t solve my order issues they took more than 3months and without notifying to me here they closed that ticket there. Never expected these types of activities here.

  3. Can you make a survey for your delivery on time-related section purposes? I’m sure most of the sellers faced those issues here… It increased a little bit but decreased every time…

I’m totally disappointed here.


Well, this is just a Fiverr forum, probably CS team will not read it.
Yes, last few months was really difficult, but we should understand, that CS team, work as much as possible and many people work remotely, which makes it even more difficult and takes even more time. We should just wait, until everything will be ok - this is not about CS team is bad, no - they are great, but the time is crazy, because pandemic is still here. We just need to patiently wait

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Thanks for your reply… I got the point… I already made other tickets there.

As you have account related issue, only Customer Support can help.

The forum is managed by a team of staff and volunteer moderators. The volunteer moderators are buyers and sellers just like other forum users.


Already made another ticket there. They did those things, So I just share my opinion here. Sorry, Bro!!! If I did any mistakes…