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Any native Spanish and/or Portuguese Speakers Here

Okay, so I got something translated into what I thought was Spanish - but today I found out it may actually be Portuguese.

Any native speakers here that can tell me which language this is in and what, if any are the significant differences between the two languages? I got this done a while ago and trying to get voice over done - I need to hire the right seller!


Here is a portion of the translation:

Ela não conseguia se lembrar se era o relâmpago, o vento, ou o estalo do trovão que a assustava mais naquela noite. Ela estava enrolada com seus dois filhos quando uma batida na porta da frente os fez pular. Ela nunca esperava ver dois detetives em pé nas sombras do relâmpago; Nem esperava desmaiar quando eles disseram que Andrew estava morto. Parte dela morreu com ele naquele dia, apenas encontrando força para se mover de maneira fantasmagórica por causa de seus filhos.

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That looks like Klingon to me. But, then again, I never was good with languages. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


On a serious note, though, it does look a bit like Portuguese, but don’t quote me on that.

Ha, ha! :stuck_out_tongue:

It’s definately either Spanish or Portuguese.I don’t know which.

I took some Spanish back in high school. That doesn’t look like the Spanish I remember. Hence my vote for Portuguese. :slight_smile:

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I’m a native Spanish speaker, that’s Portuguese


Shucks! :frowning:

Gracias, Rene! (only Spanish word I know)

Oh, well, good thing I didn’t order Spanish Voiceover yet.


Not native in either but it is definitely Portuguese.
An example would be “filhos” which is Portuguese for children whereas in Spanish it is “niños” as well as “não” being Portuguese for “no” which would not be used in Spanish.

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I can help you with the translation from English to Spanish if you want to

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I didn’t even think about looking up individual words.

I suppose I can go hire a Portuguese Voiceover instead of Spanish! :slight_smile:

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That is most definitely Portuguese. I’m sorry you didn’t get what you asked for!

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As for the differences: pretty much everything, I would say. I mean, there are words that sound and look similar to Spanish, but it’s like…comparing Korean with Japanese.


That’s definitely not Spanish! (Español is my first language :slight_smile: )
It seems to be Portuguese due to the use of the ´´ ~´´ over vowels, I don´t speak Portuguese but I´m familiar with few words.