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Any New Gigs Which Can be Learnt Fast?


Are there any new and trending gigs which can be learnt fast?

If you can learn them fast then what value it will bring to your potential clients if they also could learn that fast and don’t pay money for that?


Also, learning something is not the same for every individual.

Some people are a natural at something and may pick it up very quickly while others may struggle or never really get a solid grasp of the same thing.

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Maybe the buyer wouldn’t have the time to do the actual work.
eg. if data entry could be learnt quite fast the buyer still might not have enough time to enter 300 rows of data and might still want to pay for someone to do the data entry.

Also maybe the buyer might not have the best system to get the work done on (software & hardware) but the seller might.

@uk1000 please let people think about the things themselves :wink: they need to come to conclusion themselves thinking through the process because from there they can think who are they targeting and how to find those people


yes, I like your information. :heart: :heart: :heart: