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Any of ya'll received empty orders?

Ever had an order where the buyer didn’t include the material he wanted you to work on (translation services in my case) and then dropped off the face of the earth? If I cancel it, my completion % goes down and I’m kicked down from level 1. I’m of half a mind to just submit a picture of a cat to finish the order and wait for the man to wake up


It happens occasionally. Send a few reminders, wait for as long as possible, then contact CS and ask them to cancel the order due to no requirements provided. It’s possible that given the situation, they’ll make it not affect your completion rate.

You can also let the order go late in hopes the person shows up eventually but that’s risky.

And you can make requirements mandatory if you haven’t already. It won’t let the countdown start if nothing at all was submitted. If the countdown hasn’t started and the order is stuck as “incomplete”, you can just leave it be. It doesn’t affect anything.

Submitting a picture of a cat will most likely get you a ToS warning.


See I did make requirements mandatory but didn’t know at the time I could make submission of a file mandatory, so he simply wrote “I need this translated” and that’s it. I can’t translate thin air >. < it’s already late, I sent several reminders and am currently submitting requests for deadline extensions x|

you need to get CS to cancel it or cancel it yourself.

If the customer cancels it after it is 24 hours late, you will get an automated negative review.

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well I guess I’ll give him another day or two and then submit a ticket to have it canceled

don’t let the order to get late… contact support and ask them to cancel the order without affecting your stats since this is not your fault.

yes i used to get some orders like that so i made some adjustments. First i created some questions as requirements for all gigs so that those buyers who purchased without contacting me would have that screen pop up to submit those requirements. And the second thing i did was put a big sign on my description that says “all buyers must contact me before placing any order”, this helped tremendously so now most buyers send a message first and then i get to talk to them and discuss exactly what their needs are. Both have worked for me. Good luck :slight_smile:

happened to me, asked CS to cancel the order without affecting my rate of completion, and they did cancel it and it didn’t have any affect on my rate of completion :slight_smile: