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Any official Fiverr t-shirt for Fiverr sellers?

Hey there
Since we are Fiverr sellers and we like to work in Fiverr, it is like workplace or office to us. But my question is, are there any official fiber t-shirts for the sellers offered from Fiverr? If there is one it would be great because we all love to work on Fiverr and it makes us think we are a part of it .


I made one for myself. it would be awesome if fiverr had there own merch

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Sorry Fiverr not have anything like this. if you want you can make this personally.

Yea that would be really awesome.

Yea I can make one personally for my self but getting something official from Fiverr like a t-shirt would be different and really cool for us

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Its a good idea. :heart: but fiverr haven’t any plan about this.

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