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Any one check my gig and what is problem at this



Your designs look good (especially your lighthouse design) and you’re in a crowded, but lucrative category. Your profile picture and profile description look great.

I would lead with your lighthouse image. It’s stronger than the pet sitting one, which may or may not be original, whereas the lighthouse appears to be.

I would start your prices at $25, establishing yourself as a premium provider and freeing yourself from the tyranny of the $5 buyer. There is not a single $5 offer on the first page of the results for Logo Design, which indicates that Fiverr is not favoring low-cost producers right now in their search results. $10 buyers are $25 buyers, so you may as well step up. While there is a group of if-it’s-more-than-$5-I’m-not-buying-it buyers out there on Fiverr, they are not a super-rewarding group of people to work for, and no one else minds paying $25 for a beautiful logo they’ll be proud of.

Add some more gigs, all making use of your original design content, and all priced from $25+. Use up all your gigs. Create a super-high-value-gig costing whatever your maximum is allowed to be at your level - with commensurately high value - which will have the effect of making your $25 offers seem like bargains to someone viewing your profile.

Best of success to you. You have talent.


I love your response @selfors.
Would you mind checking my profile and leaving a similar analysis?


I Like Your Response .Thank You


The only problem is that:
"This user is suspended until Dec 9, 3017"
Reason: multiple accounts.


Feel free to create your own topic under Improve My Gig.