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Any one help how to get ranking gigs on first page

how to get rank yohr gigs on first page. please given a suggestions

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There are a few things you can do:

  • Advertise your Gig outside of Fiverr (no spam, though)

  • Make sure your tags are relevant and updated regularly

  • Make a more niche gig - For example, instead of saying you will ‘make a slideshow’, say you will ‘make a professional slideshow for corporations’

  • Just wait. It takes time for people to look at your gigs, and ranking on gigs rotate so that newer gigs can have a better chance of being seen (i think)


create amazing look gorgeous to customer :green_heart:

Thanks bro…this points are very useful :kissing_heart: :+1:

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Those are good tips. I don’t understand this one. Why would you update your tags regularly?

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You’ll want to make sure to update your tags if you are getting low views for a long period of time, just to see if it will help you. Of course, updating them EVERY day will not work the best for getting seen either, but if your view/click count is stuck at a low number, checking your tags and searching them up on Fiverr to see what comes up can be a good way to see if your tags should be changed.