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Any one here from fiverr customer survice or any one can tell me what to do


i earned 28$ from completing an order and they didnot put in my net incom nor in my pending clearance and i called the CS many times and this is not solved for more than two weeks what can i do


you let CS handle it. We can’t help you.


okay but iam bored they take very long time


that’s really not our problem.


why you are talking to me this aggrisive way i didnot need anything from you i was just asking if there is something i can do i donot know as iam new
if you have no good answer then donot answer
i think we are here to share experiences with each other and help each other


I understand that, but we can’t help you with this. Only customer service can. And you said you called, did you mean actually calling or did you fill out the CS ticket form?


i fill a ticket but they take long time that made me worried about my money
thank you for your reply


i was wondering if there is a method making them respond and solve it fastly


Has the buyer marked the order as complete ?

If not, it’ll take upto 3 days to appear in funds pending clearance session.

And if the order is marked as complete, it should be in funds pending clearance session. If not? I am not sure whats wrong then.


he marked it as complete and give me a 5 stars rating also