Any one notice the change in messaging system?


fiverr change their inbox system, before every time i sent my gig to a buyers post, it no longer appear in

your inbox, it wasnt a bug, fiverr had change its system. it just saddens me a lot, because i usually send

a customize message after i sent my gig to a buyer, like i can offer them to write more than one article for them

for just one gig. thats how i usually get my orders. now i dont know if i would be receiving any orders. probably 2 or 3 order per month, its really disappointing, i just started and now this?

anyone here wants to restore the old settings back?


are you sure?? I am prety sure you are not actualy sending your gig it is probably a glitch


I want old settings back :wink: I contact potential buyers that way and lots of them buy my gigs because I can better explain my services, or I send them some examples of logos, photoshopping or illustrations.

Sadly, this is not good decision from Fiverr :frowning:


Reply to @matt_garry: i meant when a buyer post their request, then you sent them your gig… it appears in your inbox.


that is true, i also do the same thing, i hope fiverr restore the old setting.


Reply to @pierfver: I know what you meant sorry I assumed it was a browser glitch because if I don’t use chrome it never lets me submit my gig. but you are right I tried it out and it does not show up in inbox