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Any one who is expert in fiverr please tell me how can i get my first order i am new on fiverr last 6 months..i eager to get my order

Any one who is expert in fiverr please tell me how can i get my first order i am new on fiverr last 6 months…

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Marketing and promotion. YOU are going to have to do the work to reach out to your customers if you want to build a customer base and earn steady sales. Success does not happen by chance, and it certainly doesn’t come to those who sit back and expect it to arrive by itself. :wink:


Start by improving your skills and then everything that Jon said about promoting.

Take a few basic design courses and then if you wish to niche into PS then take a few Photoshop courses on top of that. This cover photo can’t compete with some of the senior sellers on this platform. The bar is much higher than that and 6 months should be a valid proof that your gigs are not as appealing.


gig marketing, daily send buyer request,

Dear syedsibtyhasan1,
Don’t worry, my condition is same as you. It will better if you back up your all gig description in a word file and then recreate your gig and do social marketing as much as possible. I also do this few days ago after doing this I got so many responses from the buyer but because of my illness, I refuse at list 10 jobs. So I hope as soon as possible you can do this. It will help you so much for getting success.


Your quality of work with patience that’s the only secret.

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First order usually takes some time.
Mostly, People who need quick and professional work use these platforms.
You must invest your time in learning if you are serious.

You keep asking the same question.

How do you expect to complete this gig when you get orders for it if you can’t promote your own gig?
'I Will Promote, Advertise And Share Your Business On Social Media"

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Send 10 buyer requests everyday

I’m not an expert but visit for more seller tips.

Explore various social Media Marketing Promotions like Google+, Twitter, Facebook, Dribble, Linkedin, Make a blog for your skills and share tips for people, then you talk about your Fiverr profile, also the question and answer Quora is a good place to convert prospective clients into Fiverr buyers

I believe it will be profitable to be focus. Be patient, share your gigs on social media, respond to buyers request and you will hit that first sale.

thanx alot all of you