Any One Who is still having technical issue with gig impressions ,clicks and views?


I am still having this technical issue. anyone who can tell what’s going on?
when this issue will be solved.
Best Regards


Please leave suggestions for my profile and gigs…Thank you!


dear @luminouseyegfx don’t be worried about gig impression clicks and views. They varies from search to search and time to time. the fiverr policy about gig is based upon "AVERAGE SELLING PRICE" you have into your analytics . Mine gig analytics are down too. But didn’t worried about it.


Hope it will get resolved soon having this issue since last month.


The statistics came back for one day for me and then went back to zero again. As my gigs are still showing in the search results I am not concerned about it. Fiverr is aware of the problem and I am sure it will be fixed soon.


I did contact fiverr support and they replied every thing is okey with you account but after a day popup with this technical issue.
lets see if this happened with anyone else.


I am also face this problem and maybe all user face this problem


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