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Any other Paypal Business Account Users out there?

Hey guys,

I have a paypal business account that I initially hooked my Fiverr up to. Fiverr (and other freelance sites) send the payment out to the email you provide. I’ve been having troubles ‘claiming’ the payment that comes in, and my sneaky suspicion is that it has to do with having a Paypal business account and not a personal account. Has anyone been in this situation?

I have a PayPal business account. Never had to ‘claim’ the payment from Fiverr, although I do when I use other sites that send me the payment in $.

That should not make any difference, when you say you have trouble “claiming” the payment what do you mean? Have you never withdrawn money from Fiverr yet.

Hmm, thanks Ryan. I’ve basically received an email saying: sent you money!


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Weird because I have paypal balances set up for three different currencies! Must be a paypal issue I’ll have to chase.

Reply to @sincere18:

Yes, this is my first time withdrawing. I did a test run of a small amount, and got the email below. Thanks for responding!

Reply to @angelawalkerhdw: What kind of “test run”? I am wondering if you may possibly be getting spammed or scammed. You should not need to click outside of Fiverr to do something like this.

Is Paypal connected properly inside your Fiverr account? You did that first right?

I have a Paypal business account and have Fiverr linked to it. So far, I have not had any problems with using paypal. It is very easy to use. My funds go right into my bank account with no issues.

I have one, when I get a notice fiverr sends me a notice then paypal, then I have to check into paypal and transfer to my bank, so problems so far:)

All sorted now! As I suspected, it was more to do with Paypal settings - it’s a technical fault to do with using vs. as the account. Once I added the @googlemail version of my email address, it was all automated (as it should have been in the first place.)

They first tried to convince me it was fraud and to report fiverr, but since I was having the exact same problem with an entirely different, independent freelancing site, I kept explaining the likelihood of that was incredibly low, and I didn’t want to just go about reporting these companies. Switched from me being shy and demure to being assertive, spoke to a supervisor, had it sorted within 10 minuets.

So, for those of you with @gmail, make sure that paypal is set up to also associate the @googlemail version of the email, and you should dodge the same issues!

Thanks everyone.

Reply to @sincere18:

Thanks for your reply

By test run I meant I was testing how it all works, that’s my own term - I was trying to explain why I was transferring such a tiny amount - $3.92!

Sorted it out now, it was a technical fault with Paypal (see below for fuller explanation x) Thank you

Reply to @angelawalkerhdw: that is interesting, I never even heard of @googlemail before so good to know.

Hi im new here can you help me please ?

I have a paypal business account and have not had that particular issue. I called into their support line the other day in regards to something else and they are really really helpful and easy to reach. Here is their number hopefully they can help! 1 (888) 221-1161