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Any other sellers getting this error after recent update?

I do apologize if this is in the wrong section, but I am after some answers. There is usually a link in this drop down menu that says “My sales”. Mine disappeared after the recent update and has been replaced with “start selling”. This has messed up my site navigation, and I am experiencing so many website errors. Is anyone else experiencing this error? Or any other errors for that matter after the update?

I do have active gigs so it isn’t because I don’t have any gigs on my profile.

I have a problem with counter. I have 5 reviews, but program displays only 4 next to stars. Also have some problem with statistics.

Reply to @freelancepromw: Yes, I’ve just checked your profile and your gigs are active. The button is still visible on my own account, so it doesn’t seem to be a site wide issue.

You should contact customer support for clarification. However, before doing so, I highly recommend that you remove this from your gig: “Scripts start at 5x gigs ($25)”.

Regardless of how much value you deliver for $25, you MUST provide a service starting from $5. It can be anything, but you must provide -something-.

for @freelancepromw - Try another browser or clear your cookies.

Thank you, everyone, for your your help. Fiverr support was able to fix the issues for me.

I can see “My sales” navigation