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Any other US sellers getting hounded by foreign "sellers" wanting their account?

I’ve learned the hard way not to take anything to [redacted: online videoconferencing service that rhymes with hype] now, or click on any Google docs links from a perspective buyer, because inevitably it’s going to be a plea to sell my account or set up a US-based account for them, whether it’s here on Fiverr or…elsewhere…on the web.

It’s really irritating to me as a seller trying to actually get gigs; every one of those messages required me to spend time on my computer or phone sussing out what the “buyer” needed. I completely sympathize that it may be difficult to sell writing services or get writing gigs in a home country, but the answer to that isn’t impersonating a fluent English speaker by co-opting a false account. Each one of these requests has had butchered English and is rife with typos. If you want to attract the kind of audience a native English speaker has access to, put in the work to do so. Buying a fake account doesn’t magically make you good at the language, and trust me - buyers will see RIGHT through it.


I’ve recently received shady messages pushing me to click google doc links or download a .docx file. I simply did neither and reported them as spam.

If a client wants to do business they can easily discuss it in the inbox and make and receive offers. Anything outside of that is shady territory and should not be bothered with anymore than clicking the report button.

It is true that messages like this waste time but once reported as spam they do not affect your response rate.

Completely agree on trying to sell writing services based on fake location alone and not proper English mastery.

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And even for those that aren’t scams, if sellers engage with a buyer on a different platform, there’s no protection, they can get into trouble with Fiverr and it takes a lot of time to do that, which won’t be justified by the cost of the order.