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Any other way to prove that there are no issues with my content?

I have:

  1. Grammarly
  2. CopyScape
  3. Having produced 9,000,000 words of content with just one complaint beforehand from a guy that admitted he never even read what I produced.

Yet, one person is still insisting that the content I sent him is the worst he has ever received (he gave me a single title to work from). So, any other pieces of software I can use to prove to customer support that there is no an issue with my content? (his complaint was punctuation. There are zero punctuation errors according to Grammarly. In fact, there are no errors at all)

I do not want to deal with 5 negative feedbacks from him. I also do not want to give him a refund. So, any tips?

It probably wouldn’t be useful, but rather than using software as proof, you could use another approach. If you could get a credentialed English professor from an established university to read the work, they could submit a signed statement on letterhead and perhaps that would support your claim.

One problem is, I think that is way more trouble than it’s worth. Another issue is that I’ve seen professors argue with each other on the most minute details of written English without coming to agreement. English is so complex, it’s hard to prove something that has so many variables. You might have to write in Esperanto to get professors to agree on perfection!

I don’t promote my own writing gig heavily anymore, partly because I find it too stressful under the Fiverr system and I don’t want it to be my main gig. If I get enough sales and reviews on other gigs, I’ll be taking my writing gig down.

All of my content goes through three ‘checks’

  1. Me
  2. A proofreader
  3. Grammarly

There is no way anybody else is offering that level of check on Fiverr, particularly at this price. At this price, I feel as though just the software proof should be enough. Fiverr do not see it that way though. If people are complaining about errors in the content, even if I have proof there are not, the customer is always in the right.

That’s why I said I didn’t think my own suggestion was worth the effort. It’s practically impossible to actually prove it, especially on this system.

Which means I just have to, once again, deal with negative feedback due to the ‘customer is always right’ ethos that customer support have.

Well, what I do is simply let work ‘rest’ for a day before I can go back to it with clean eyes and spot any errors. Really though, if your doing 1000 words for five bucks, any buyer who complains about slight grammatical errors needs a clip around the ear and the backside. - Purely my opinion on course.

Poor Ryan you sound like you always have something in your cup your dealing with. :frowning: but you also have 2000k+ reviews there is bound to be some bad grapes but in the end anyone with a half brain can see your pretty good at what you do! i mean 2K reviews!

Content it written. It then sits for 1 day before being proofread. Honestly, what I provide is far superior to anybody else in this price range (the same content I provide here is what I am charging £60+ elsewhere). As long as they do not expect New York Times quality, they should be happy.

There aren’t even any grammatical errors in it. Well, that is a lie, there was one. I was writing in Swedish beforehand and never got back into the right frame of mind for English. It was a misplaced semicolon.

I discovered recently that very few people read negative reviews. I am not too fussed about that. What I am fussed about is the fact that I just got an account warning for poor quality content, and this doesn’t help matters.

Since he made the complaint, it is up to him to prove the content is of poor quality. It is not up to you to prove otherwise, so ask him to show you the mistakes. This is the law in regards to most things in life.

I am having the exact same issue. I sent through the wrong copy that had errors and then sent through the correct copy when I realized what had happened. My copy has almost NO errors and yet I am afraid they are going to ask for a refund and give a negative review. Sometimes the system had disadvantages.


Not in the eyes of customer support.

A while back, a client admitted he had not read my content. He just wanted a refund. Customer support allowed him to leave a negative feedback saying “worst content ever”. They admitted that the client had not read it, but it was his prerogative to leave whatever feedback he wished.