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Any photographers? Quick question :)


Hey guys, hope its the right place to ask !

Any one with the right knowledge can tell me how to take a proper picture of the stars at night ?
I am in a beautiful deserted place with not a lot of light exposure, which is great from what I understand.

Thanks a lot ! :slight_smile:


Long exposure settings on your DSLR
P. S

Youtube w your camera model, plenty of tutorials…


All settings manual, focus to infinity, largest (in numbers: smallest, 2.8, 1.5?) aperture your camera offers, crank up the ISO to whatever resulting noise is bearable. Have a tripod or something stable to firmly place the camera on. Then, try different exposure times with the self-timer to reduce any vibration.

Is what I would suggest.


Thank you so much for the details reply !
Will definitely give it a try tonight :slight_smile:


Long exposure. Pre-focus at infinity.

Now if you don’t want star trails, depending on focal length you are looking at a 15-20 second exposure. Longer if you have a super wide lens (under 20mm). You’re going to need to raise the ISO to get a proper exposure. Depending on your camera, you may have a lot of noise. To get rid of that there are some great techniques using 5-7 frames and some tricks in photoshop that work will. I actually teach a workshop on night photography.

Use a tripod, use a delay timer to get rid of shake, and mirror lock-up.


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