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Any Problem For Fiverr Account Using VPN

Can I face Any Problem For Fiverr Account Using VPN??


Why would you want to?

From what I understand, it can make you appear as if you are somewhere; you are not. It can also be used to make it look as if two different accounts using the same IP are not in the same location.

Fiverr does not like its users to do either of the actions mentioned above, so if caught, you could lose an account or, at the very least, get a warning.


I seriously want to know what are the benefits of using VPN?
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A VPN also encrypts all your traffic so that your connection is more secure. I have to use a VPN for all work I do with a client in the UK for this reason. It is actually a bit of a pain to be honest, having to remember to disable it when I’m using Fiverr.

As it stands, most businesses that have started allowing employees to work from home during Covid-19, require them to use a VPN (provided by the company like mine is) in the interest of preventing cyber attacks and data breaches.


Fiverr does not work at some countries, one time I was on a trip to a country where they banned Fiverr, I had to use VPN to finish my pending orders.
But it was not good for me at all, because after I used VPN, I did not get a single order for two straight month.


yes don’t do it . please

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Thanks Andy for enlightening me on VPN’s. So, I guess you get Nika’s pizza. I will add in a :beer:

I moved to China recently, and surprise almost every service I offer has been blocked here. I am a Google Ads Expert.

When I got here I had a queue of orders that got cancelled because of this and I fell to a no level. It is painful if you have invested as much time as I did in fiverr.

I suddenly found myself using VPN with a better success. It is the only way to get work done.

I am not sure if I am wrong here, but without a VPN how else can I do my job?


Yep, China banned a lot of social media and most of the internation platform , like instagram, whatapps…


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A VPN also encrypts all your traffic so that your connection is more secure

Any traffic through HTTPS (almost all traffic on the internet nowadays) is encrypted. A VPN might encrypt insecure HTTP requests, but I wouldn’t use a website that is administrated by someone that can’t be bothered to set up HTTPS. It takes 5 minutes if you know what you’re doing.


Some sellers who used VPN couldn’t verify their phone numbers. Phone verification was introduced because of sellers using VPN to fake their location (pretending to be from the USA or UK and hoping that it will bring them more sales).

Also, if your profile states that you’re in one country, but your time zone shows something different, some buyers might get suspicious.

If you have a legitimate reason to use VPN, you might want to ask Customer Support about it.


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