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Any protection right for sellers against buyers that rip & threatens?


A client make a straight order without contacting or consulting and after delivering the service, the client marked the order complete with a one star rating and ask for refund after some days. Contacted the CS to refund the client. He later make a threat to give 15 more bad reviews from different account. How cruel could that be. All chat was saved for references… Any help
Note I had 4 others of the same gig price and all rated me well. I believe the client is an outsourcer…, :disappointed_relieved::anguished::fearful:


Welcome to the Fiverr,

See buyer can be as cruel and bad as they want, they pay money here so they have first right. You are like an employee who have a new master every day, some could be bad some could be good but it totally depended on them.

CS in most cases won’t help, you have to be careful with each and every order and if you see any buyer posing a threat then just cancel the order as this will save your time and energy but if you try to convince a buyer who just want cancellation then they will not agree no matter what.


Thanks for your reply. I’ve already submitted the order and he marked it completed and gives me a one star rating but that didn’t make me unhappy I had to contact him to ask what’s wrong with my service in other to know his mind and later modify the order 3 days. Despite that he ordered for the smallest gig I had to run the premium service for him in other to enjoy and comeback for more. Despite seeing positive results he still ask for a refund and threatened to give me 15 bad reviews and that I should be expecting it in some days to come. Isn’t that way too much for a client and also how could he operate on 15 different account… That’s alarming and totally unsafe for many sellers out there. I guess I’m not the only one that have fall a victim to his dirty schemes. Thank you once again for your response


If you like then increase the price 10 times for next one week, a fake buyer won’t take risk of investing that much amount on a thing he/she is not going to use.


Hi buddy,
Communication is the best policy in Fiverr. After place order, you need to describe more about what type of job is this and you are able to this job or not.with a clear description your work will be easier. So, Try to make a good relationship with the buyer.


Hi,report the matter to the fiverr TOS.with all screenshot.of buyer’s msgs.


Trust me buddy. My gig description is straight forward and simple for any layman to read and digest easily. What do you see about his threat with 15 had reviews coming up on me… How could that be possible? I hate tagging people names. It’s not my thing but if he’s able to do that then it means he’s being doing it for long. He’s a pure Ripper


Already did. Expecting feedback from CS. Thanks


what is the feedback? please let us know.


You right about that :+1:. I could easily do that but that will surely scare away respective clients that really need my service… I’m just so down right now. Thanks :anguished:


See either you get bad ranking or cancelled orders or you scare away the clinets for a while. You can always decrease your prices after a week or 10 days.