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Any real effect of Late Delivery?

I recently had a few late deliveries due to some personal reasons.

Was wondering if it really has any effect on statistics of the particular gig? :-S

If the gig was an express delivery gig, you will lose that “tag” under the order button even if you leave delivery time to 1 day.

If you are latter than 24 hours off a non-express gig, the buyer can automatically deny the order and it will take the money back and leave you bad feedback.

It can impact things if you have a TOS violation, or at least so it seems, we’re not really told.

Well, the buyer was friendly and agreed to the reason, I delivered after 15 hours. The gig duration was 2 days and was not violating any TOS. I think my stats are safe here :stuck_out_tongue:

Reply to @kjblynx: I guess that needs to be researched upon or fiverr could clarify that.

To be clear, it’s not a “Penalty”… if you take 2days + 18 hours to deliver…

That will go into calculating your average delivery time, of course. But it’s still an average. So if you’ve delivered another before the deadline, that will push the bar your way.

Also noticed that when the order which was delivered late is updated by the buyer, there is only a email notification as it does not show up in the TO DO List. This might be a technical issue or a real bug. I could have missed those.

Might be some effect on rankings of the gig in Fiverr Results due to late delivery of orders.

The gig goes down in Fiverr search results. Delivered a couple late orders and now I’m seeing less activity.