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Any real logo, icon etc artist on fiverr?

First post on Fiverr so first off Hello everyone =).

I have had good experiences in other areas of Fiverr. Unfortunately I am trying to find an artist that is not just hitting a random generating script and sending it my way. Don’t take me wrong I understand its 5 bucks. The issue is I always first contact the individual with what I am looking for. Most will respond just order np. I order with the same description and I end up with some random shape that is not even remotely what I asked for. (not what I asked for.) It would be like asking for a cow icon and they send you a fancy looking square. I mean its so far off what I sent in my message I am beginning to feel they don’t even read the message. Just click some random generator and move on to the next order.

Anyone have a recommendation of an artist on fiverr ? Or if you are reading this and you are an artist that does not just send random objects please contact me.

I will have quite a bit of work in the future as well.

Send it my way:

Reply to @artworkking:

I will be in touch with you soon, the recent artist I just got his final attempt and still wondering from drawing I gave him. (Yeah I actually since was 3 attempts and he was trying I just paid.) Which is part issue I don’t have an issue paying more 5, but I have found paying 20+ don’t matter same issue with work.

I’m interested aswell if you didnt go with artworkking allready;)

I got plenty of free time to go 1on1 with you on your projects. I’m new to fiverr not much going on for me yet:)

Kind regards


I appreciate the replies and will be in touch with anyone who posts interest here. I am on a time crunch so am working out the icons logos etc myself at the moment as I just cannot risk someone else taking 5 days and then giving me some random object that has nothing to do with clear specific instructions.