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Any reason behind buyers not responding after deal agreement?


Hello,I have some buyers that we already concluded and ready to deal but just surprisingly ,there was no response again .Do you think there is something am not doing right. Thanks


I am having the same issue.


It’s individual. Did they order? Then start working and deliver. Some buyers just go with the result and don’t react in any way. Then surprisingly after a couple of weeks or month they order again. Then you know that they were satisfied. There are also buyers who send a ton of messages back and forth.


Absolutely right. That’s the reason.


I have a lot of clients that become silent after our agreement. Sometimes I leave a custom order for them in the inbox and after a while (1 - 6 months) They come back and order.

Some other buyers will order and when you deliver, you don’t hear from them for months and they come back telling you how fantastic your service was and they order again.

This is the way business is…


I don’t know what kind of conversations you are having but

  1. never count on anything until they place an order

  2. some people do this for fun to tease you

  3. do not get into long drawn out conversations or deal making, send a custom offer after two or three questions at the most and stop talking to them


I always set the time they have to accept a custom offer to one or two days.
Imagine they accept much later out of the blue and you don’t have time for it.


Nope,they didn’t make order.thanks


Its gonna be useful,Thanks


Agreed with you misscrystal !


Then you had no ‘deal agreement’.
An order is the only agreement there is, everything else is just talking.


Interesting. That’s a very quick turnaround time. I usually set my offers to expire in 14 days, unless I have a vacation or time off planned and then I’ll set it so I can’t possibly get the order right before that (especially if it’s a large one).

As for the OP, it’s very normal that not everyone will place an order even after you’ve sent an offer. I’m usually quite quick to send that Custom Offer once I have the info. to do so, just so that if they want to order they can do so without more messaging back and forth. I try to make it as easy and convenient as possible, and also to be enthusiastic about working with them.


There has always been a conversation before I send a custom offer, so there is no need to wait a long time for the buyer to make a decision. When the buyer misses the expiration date, he or she will usually send me a message asking me to send it again.


hhhhhhhh I think this is the main reason :slight_smile:


1.They are Very Busy
2.They are looking for more betters offer
3.They are not quite please with you


Oh that’s really interesting. I thought that if I showed my buyers a conversation with interest, leading them to make a decision, then it would help them to gain confidence in me and in my customer service, although that would require more than 3 messages.


@ranson2005 It depends on what you are selling. If you have a gig like making websites that would be a big expensive job and would require a lot of discussion.

Most gigs don’t need that kind of involved discussion.

Buyers who are serious will make a decision quickly.


Oh ok, perfect. Thanks for the advice