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Any recommendations for someone to advertise a photography blog?

Hey there, not sure if this is allowed or not but I see on the forums that a lot of people get scammed with fake “advertise on my blog” gigs. So I was looking for a recommendation for someone you have received a great service from, whether it is a blog/social network page particularly for photography or a generalised one with an awesome seller. I’m looking to advertise a photography blog (I think I already made that clear lol).

Thanks so much for your help!

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The correct answer would be easier if you were more specific on what you mean by photography blog… are you a photographer looking for work? id it a blog offering tips and the latest tech to photographers?
That said, look for gigs that will place your ad directly on sites that may be of interest to your end user, Do not buy a “traffic” type gig, if you get 10000 visitors and nobody signs up or cares to even read… what good is it? 10 people coming to your site and signing up is way better!
Getting some cool ads or graphics with your website URL on them to use on social media to funnel people to your blog are good as well.

you should have a good backlink , and seo for your blog . you’ll get your traffik from search engine

If you have a Facebook page that’s connected or related to your blog, maybe Facebook ads can help you. But first you need to define your target audience, is it fans of photography, photographers, animal lovers, fashionistas, who are they? And keep in mind that Facebook ads cost money, even if you only spend $1 a day, that’s $30 a month. You also have to see if you will get any return on your investment.

Personally, your best best is to sign up for google adsense (if your blog allows it), build traffic (but don’t pay for it), and make more from the people that click on your ads.

With that said, there’s already a ton of people with photography blogs, so it’s important to have a good niche to get attention.

@idesigngraphic I think your initial post is a little confusing. I’m thinking that you want to buy a gig (or find a free option) to advertise something related to photography on another person’s popular blog. I think your worry is that you’d like to use a recommended seller for this. Is that in the ballpark or am I way off?

If that is what you are asking and in case this helps, my experiences with this have been a learning process. I bought a gig that indicated the person would place an ad for me on their popular blog (with X number of weekly readers, etc) on the niche I wanted. I was new and the seller was new and I just bought it. After delivery I saw that the blog only had a few posts. The registry information showed the site was created the day I placed my order. I asked the seller about it and she answered with some vague thing about my ad doing better on a brand new site. She did have an older site on a different niche (unrelated to my ad) and would put my ad there “free.” She did and I figured she had used some of her time so I let it be.

The next time I decided to try blog advertising, I was more careful. I asked to see the blog up front, confirmed it was as popular as described and then bought the gig. It didn’t convert to sales for me, but was delivered accurately and conversions are never guaranteed, so I gave them a 5 star review. I know the seller has multiple blogs and other good reviews. If you want the name, let me know and I’ll PM it to you. If I mis-guessed your request, maybe this will help someone!