Any Reputable Solo Ads Sellers?


Hi All, I have been ordering several solos from 4 different vendors who claim to be from USA. I started to notice that something wasn’t right, from very bad English (these lot claim they are from USA mind you) to the IP I saw during the test (Nigeria, had loads of email from Nigerian scammer looking to transfer million dollars, btw). One of the vendors sent non email traffic and got me in trouble and I suspect many other vendors are doing the same.

Would you be able to suggest, based on your personal experience, of any trustworthy solo ads vendors here or all of them are just scammers?


Reply to @sublime: I bet thats intentional. Someone is having a nice time here.

Even sellers face these kind of people who claim to be from a english speaking country and their profile also indicates so. All are behind proxies.

Faking country is more common in advertisment and social traffic/likes and views gigs. All just to pump up sales as why would someone from USA buy traffic from say Nigeria or Asia?

Sometimes I get buyers just because I am from my country and good at what I do.


I’m a seller, and I run into the same issue from time to time (regarding bad English) some may state they’re located in the US, but that doesn’t mean they are native or speak clear and correct English.

Before purchasing consider this:

-Does the seller provide videos of themselves advertising their service?

-Does their description make sense? Is it clear, and correct grammar?

-Levels, and ratings.

Sadly, I don’t have luxury of ‘picking’ my buyers but sometimes I wish I did. It’s so difficult to try to understand what some people are trying to say, :stuck_out_tongue:

Good luck on your search!


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