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Any restriction for working adult oriented web site?

Hi there
One of my new buyers ask me Do you have a problem working on adult-oriented websites?
Does Fiverr allow the seller?


If you read Fiverr’s terms of service you will see it is prohibited:

Non-Permitted Usage

Adult Services & Pornography - Fiverr does not allow any exchange of adult oriented or pornographic materials and services.


Thanks for the information. :heart_eyes:

Don’t do this bro. Fiverr doesn’t allow those.

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Thanks. but she ask me to design and develop wordpress site management. What should i do at this time?

You can access the ToS. Why not look it up yourself instead of asking people in the forum to do it for you?


she likes to design and develop WordPress site management related to adult-oriented site. What should I do at this time?

You can tell her to give the contents in Gdrive or somewhere else. But don’t share these contents in Fiverr. Ask your brain, it will help you :wink:

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This is a major issue, don’t try to make me fool brother!

Very thanks. but the project related to a WordPress site design and management

That doesn’t at all change what I said and it isn’t relevant, unless you’re making adult-oriented Wordpress sites.


Best Regards Dear :innocent:

My thoughts… The key word from Fiverr’s terms of service is “exchange” - you must not exchange any adult material using Fiverr’s servers. So you could argue that so long as you don’t exchange any adult links, images or texts through Fiverr then you should be fine.

However, let me give you a potential scenario. Let us assume that you carry out the requested work - but your client then disputes it. Fiverr customer support will see from your message exchange that you have been working on an adult themed site, and they might rule that you have breached the ‘spirit’ of the terms of service.

In other words, although it wasn’t explicitly written that you shouldn’t work on adult material, there was enough guidance from Fiverr for you to make an educated assumption that it was wrong to do so.

It’s your call. Personally I wouldn’t work on the site because it doesn’t fit in with my outlook on life and I don’t want to risk my Fiverr account that I’ve built up over seven years. But you might think it’s worth the risk.


You can contact Customer Support and ask them if you’re allowed to work on that kind of site.

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Allow me to hop in.
Since I offer translations, I was contacted by some buyers asking me if it was OK
for me to translate some stuff for their websites that had adult contents.
I was also asked to translate erotica too.

I contacted CS just in case, and I was told that it’s OK since I am not offering
any adult services, it’s just translation.
I saved that reply as proof.

You might want to do the same. :slight_smile: