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Any risk for buyers?

I am about to find someone who can file a trademark application for me, there are many seller who does the job, but price varies from $50-$250.

I simply just need someone who can do the complete trademark registration for me, the result should not vary from seller to seller if they are legitimate and perform the task as needed.

Now my question is, if I pick a seller and pay him the money, is there any risk for me, IF he does not complete the task as required?

Why don’t you just file the application yourself? Personally, I wouldn’t trust something like this to anyone online. This is something you either need to do yourself or through a relevant legal representative.

That said, if you do decide to hire someone on Fiverr to do this, make sure that they are a TRS seller with no negative reviews implying that an application hasn’t been submitted. Then research for yourself how you can prove your application has been processed correctly.

Don’t worry fiverr can’t deliver money directly to client.without your satisfaction fiverr can’t release money.
If you dissatisfied withdrawal your project.