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Any sales from "get traffic" and "promote your link" gigs?

Any buyer success stories out there, any “get traffic” or “promote your link” gigs resulting in sales ?

Many thank yous !

yours truly

I am an SEO person and generally, if you are considering any of these type of services, keep in mind what they say and then look at their order counts. Some promise to send a message to their “1 million followers” and you look at their queue and they may only have 1 order that’s currently being placed. I would focus more on backlink building than instant traffic. If you build up the value of your page enough, the eventual ranking will bring you in far more value than a quick traffic burst. Just my opinion, really.

From a buyer point of view, I have bought a few backlink building strategies that worked decent, wasn’t expecting anything ground-breaking for $5 but their value in some cases may exceed about $50+ due to the time investment some of them may take.

Thank you for the advice and for taking the time to write.

Was actually helpful.