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Any Sales improvements?

Hey everyone.

Just wanted to see if any of you guys had any improvements last month and this month in sales? If so how much improvement, how many sales did you have and what did you do different to get new buyers.

I’ve had a huge drop in quantity but just as large a hike in value order.

So there are less of them, but more extras are being bought which is leveling me out - fortunately.

Two days ago I changed my keywords up, although I’m not getting more sales, I am getting more hits so I can recommend doing that.

From the end of the September my sales completely dropped. i had so many clients and perfect five star reviews but suddenly my sales dropped. In the month of October i have only got 1 gig and i wonder if my way in communicating with the customers is the reason or is there some other problem.

Any idea what is happening??

Reply to @diqu91: Traffic to the Fiverr website as a whole has fallen (check the alexa rating, according to their data it PLUMMETED at the start of September). That’s part of it. Another part is that the search algorithm keeps swapping people’s listings around. E.g. My working up to 4th and 5th placement gigs in keyword search now come behind no-rating gigs almost pushed to the next page. So one day you may be easy to find, the next you will be invisible.

Reply to @diqu91: My bet is on that more than the frequent technical issues, the design of the site has become more complicated to navigate and long-time buyers have left simply because they’re encountering too many bugs, too many ongoing changes that throw them for a loop, and not enough customer support. They’re sort of shooting themselves in the feet right now releasing features and changes after the launch of v3 and everyone sitting patiently through a metamorphosis. In the long run though it should mean a better site.

Reply to @inkpetal: do you think this also caused by fiverr’s website being down so many times in the past months?? I think it is loosing its sellers and buyers…

Reply to @diqu91: I’m suffering from the same pain. Sales dropped really low, I can say 80% seriously. This is so frustrating.

I agree with all of you my sales too have dropped I’m lucky to even get two sales in a day… I think fiverr has had there last straw and the one they had is gone, I don’t know if fiverr will ever be what it was in the beginning I guess company’s think this will improve sales but to me they should ask the public as the public is the true source of what will be good and what will be bad the company doesn’t buy or sell so how do they know truly what is good for a buyer or seller.