Any Seller Protection by Fiverr?


Hi great community!
Anybody who know any protection for a seller by Fiverr?

I would like to know…

List for Buyers as well…



As far as I am aware, Fiverr does not provide body guards to us sellers. :wink:

You’re going to have to be more specific. What kind of list are you looking for?


Read through the Help & Education Center.

Info about Buying & Selling on Fiverr! :pineapple:

Bookmark the page for easy reference.

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Lol! Unfortunately you are diverting the whole thing…


Not at all. I merely asked you to clarify your request. Which you have not yet done.


I merely meant protection from things like charge backs and any other things which the sellers can’t be able to control but they happen…and usually not good for sellers


No, as you know there’s not.

But I suppose that’s the risk we all take by basing ‘our businesses’ on a third party website.
Our businesses doesn’t really equal our businesses - really it’s not much different to putting a paid ad up somewhere.

If we were doing things on our own websites then yes, we’d be able to protect ourselves far more, but then we wouldn’t have the advantage of being shown in the Fiverr marketplace etc.