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Any similar experiences?

Hi Forum,

I’ve been watching a trend that has been slowly growing. A buyer places an order, links me to the page of a PRO-seller or copies the video from a PRO-seller and uploads it to their server and sends a link for me to view it (I know most if not all of the videos for the pros in my categories so I know immediately when I see one).

The request, “I’d like my video to be like this, thanks”. The problem, they are purchasing a regular service but wants a $1000 end-product. I would understand if you messaged me first to ask, but to place the order and then want a pro service.

Of course, many will say “just send the extra charge for it” (if that was the case they would have purchased the pro’s service to begin with). So this ends up being another unjustified cancellation or a bad review.

So far, it’s been cancellations, which at this time I can afford as I am at a 99% rate, but it boggles me why someone would carry out those actions.

Any similar experiences?



Hello, what happens when you send the the offer for extra price adjustment in what they ordered?

I’m usually met with “that’s currently outside of my budget, can you not do it for less?” or “just cancel, thanks”.

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Is there never any way to save the sale? It sounds like they know it will cost more if they ask you to give an additional price.

Since you get this a lot, it might be a good idea to raise your prices a bit. That way they know you are not going to do an expensive video at a tiny price. Just a thought.

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The ones where the sale is saved is when a person links another seller and it is up my alley, I might be a little cheaper or a little pricier in some cases but they trust my service based on the reviews. What I mean in this case is when it is too far out. For example, the purchase is usually made on my $75.00 package and so far requests for pro services are for services in the $700 - $1200 range. That’s such a huge difference. Some know this because they try to think I will be fooled by downloading the seller’s video and uploading it to their servers, but because I know majority of what the pro-sellers videos are, I know what they’re trying to do.

I don’t get it a lot, as mentioned, it’s a growing trend, every once and a while. My prices are for my market and my service. For example, would you go to a decent fine dining restaurant and then request one of Gordan Ramsay’s dishes from his most expensive restaurant? Would it make sense for the restaurant to then turn around and raise prices because of this? I offer one thing, the other seller offers something else.

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Have you tried to send an offer for an additional $500? lol

LOL indeed! That’s where I get the “just cancel”

There may be a golden opportunity here for you to offer the high priced service at slightly lower than Pro prices.

Yeah, i had same experience yesterday. A buyer came to me and provided a snapshot of the other sellers; gig. He was asking for something like other sellers’ work. Although it was easy for me. He saved my time :).

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It easy if it close to what you do, but how to put it, using food as an example again. Let’s say my style is Italian, and I run an Italian Cuisine restaurant, sure I might be able to produce a Gordan Ramsay type of meal but because of that I have to spend time researching how to do it, then the learning curve to do that one (each meal will be different, it’s not the same) and all the while I have other regular orders to fulfill, then, suppose I do such a larger order and the buyer says “not quite like the example, do it again” and the other orders in queue pile up or become late…

I prefer to improve in my area and try not to do too much mediocrely but rather do what I do well and improve on it.


I just reviewed your work mate. Awesome work. (Y)

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Thanks, much appreciated!

For how many years have You been doing animation? I am also thinking of switching to animation. Just curious how much time will it take?

Time is dependent on your ability to pick it up and learning curve of the style etc. It isn’t a one size fits all, for you it may be faster or it may be slower, I honestly won’t be able to tell, however, I’ve been animating for over 9 years and still far away from the “masters”.

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Yeah thanks a lot mate. I would be thankful if You suggest how to start this path (any links courses etc). I have taken a lot of courses from and skillshare also watched a lot of videos from YouTube. I want to specialize in animating icons, because that is what I am doing now (designing icons). I want to take it one step further and start animating them (icons).

I can’t give away all my secrets now :wink: but resources are online and I wish you all the best!


Yeah thank You for the inspiration anyways :slight_smile:

This is what I got. He placed a $5 order without communicating with me. I sent another $5 as I don’t need to cancel the order but also can’t complete the work for $5. (I normally do this type of work for $15)Capture
It’s not bad as cancellation. However is not good and sad to think he need more works for small price.

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Haha, I get an occasional link to a Behance project page (a top site for designer portfolios). To which I always say I’m not interested in doing a $3000 project for $50. To their credit, most of the buyers say: “We understand that, it’s just a general reference”.

But yes, it’s pretty funny/naive or whatever you want to call it.