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Any Solution for new Startup (Software Company)

I’m running a software company provide services in Web Development + Mobile Development (Native + Hybrid) + Graphics + AI + video Animation + Digital Marketing

I’m new on This platform. Please suggest me growth hacking tips and tricks. I think, there is much More competition, even more than my expectations.



I thought so too when I started on Fiverr. I’m doing software as well, mainly data mining and from my experience I can say: Nah. If you’re able to understand what the client wants, ask the right questions and deliver what you agreed upon, you should be fine.
Just today I had one client who told me that he asked 10 developers to get 4500 products from a link he sent, 9 sent him offers and I was the only one to point out that the page only shows 1100 products at max…
A few hours later another potential customer told me about how he could not find somebody to modify his existing script to read and write data from MySQL properly which is… Well, I probably don’t need to explain how embarrassing that is.

If you’re honest, upfront and deliver what was asked for, you don’t need any hacks.


@patrick_klein Thank you very much bro. Is there any technique to place tags or keywords? If there is so, What type of keywords we can place and where we should place the keywords? That’s what my mean to ask.

You don’t have any gigs on display.

Check out: for how to start selling on Fiverr.

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Thank you very much for your reply

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You’re welcome!
Also, many people don’t like being called bro, just for your information. :wink:
Honestly, I don’t really know. Just did, what I thought would work and it did work.
That is, I created an image which sticks out and looks a little better than the ones of the competition. Also, putting the names of the frameworks and tools you use in your gig title seems to work quite nicely. Now, for example if you create a gig for AI development put a few names of frameworks you can work with in the title like tensorflow, keras, scikit-learn, whatever frameworks you feel most comfortable with.
To get your first few reviews you’ll probably need to sell them for a pretty low price, just that you’re aware.

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Hahahah. I think you mind it. No offence Mr. @patrick_klein… Much appreciated.
I’m also working on AI. Your knowledge in the field of data Science and machine learning is impressive. I just did theoretical work. May you please explain what kind of AI projects we can get on that platform? I think most research based project ?

Not really, I guess it’s a cultural thing. It’s just that I’ve seen many people react less nicely to it, especially in the Fiverr forums. :wink:

No, it’s not, sorry… I literally have no idea. I spent maybe 10-20 hours learning about it, but that’s it. So I can’t really help with most ML things.

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