Any Speciald Tips for the New Seller



I would like to know what do a new user do when he did join the fiverr.


Are you asking this as an actual new user or as a Level Two Seller and webmaster with Four Years of experience in SEO that has been here on Fiverr for Two Years?


I am asking for a new user because one my friend has joined fiverr to those tips for him only.


Be honest and give your best service to your buyer with the respect. :slight_smile:


In that case I’m with @iamrohit

Be honest, give the best service possible and treat the buyer with the same respect and understanding that you would like someone to treat your Mom.

Additionally, have great communication skills, be very specific in what information you need from the Buyer, be flexible - within reason and make a great video for your gig that fully explains what you are offering.

Use the same appropriate keywords in your Title, Gig Description and Tags to get the best search ranking.



Thanks a Lot guys for this helpful tips. :slight_smile: